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Recruit the best talent for your online selling business.

If you sell products or services online and you operate a remote team, then we can help you.

Julien has transformed my business, plain and simple. The calibre of Ecomm talents we get access to is simply unmatched.

Ronnie Teja

Ecommerce Owner

Talents we hire with Julien are total A-Player. Completely different level.

Julian Goldie

Agency Owner

We hired marketing talent with Julien and it is a completely different level. Our business is now managing itself. Fantastic. 

Taoufik M.

Amazon FBA business owner

Why take a chance on hiring the wrong employees?

The unpleasant truth is that hiring elite employees for the online selling game is very difficult. From flaky freelancers / lifestyle seekers to inexperienced wannabees, our industry is a minefield when it comes to hiring and recruiting. And the backlash stemming from making the wrong hires can be severe, with far-reaching consequences. Everything from high turnover to lost revenue to big blow to your growth plan and damage to your brand.

Results based hiring

Our agency only works with online sellers who operate remotely, like you. We understand your business like no one else in the recruitment industry. This enables us to guide you through our proprietary recruitment process to define your recruitment with great details and only hire employees who will deliver you the results you need for your business.


Sourcing top talents

Our biggest asset is our network. We cultivate relationships with the best talents in the online selling industry, worldwide. We are in close contacts with the best masterminds and the most secret groups to source the best marketers, copywriters, developers and operators in the entire world.


Proprietary Assessments

We do not leave the critical hiring decision to chance. Instead we have developed our proprietary assessments to test and match the best candidates with the results that our clients want to achieve. We have proven, results based assessments for every positions needed to run and scale an online selling business, coupled with psychometric testing to ensure the best match with our clients culture. 

Hire A-Players with confidence

No sourcing. No screening. No vetting. 2-3 interviews on your end and our expert help to make your choice. We help you hire A-players for your online selling business with supreme confidence.

Attract and hire the best

90% of candidates we place are top performers in our client’s business. More than 50% of them get promoted after one year. 

Recruit faster

Slash your hiring time in half using our existing network of pre-screened and ultra-qualified candidates who are interview ready. 

Reduce hiring mistakes

Eliminate 70% of hiring mistakes with our proprietary assessments developed for each and every critical positions. Discover the power of scientific hiring. 

Discover our unique process

We make hiring for your online selling business as simple and efficient as possible.

Step 1

Book a call with one of specialist recruitment consultant to define the job you want to hire for, and the KPI of that new hire. 

We only recruit based on clearly defined objectives and KPI. This is because we want you to hire results, not people. And we will help you at every stage to define these objectives and KPI very clearly so that we are crystal clear what results we will hire for you.

Step 2

We create a detailed, scientific and results based job definition. 

This document starts with the agreed objectives and KPI for the role you want to hire. We define the key daily actions that your new hire will need to take in order to be successful. We want to be able to write “a day in the diary” of your future hire. This level of details is what enables us to really understand and define the perfect fit for your role – the A-player who will deliver results.  

Step 3

Our recruiters activate our massive network to find your A-player within active and passive candidates. 

From that moment the hunt is on and it will not stop until we find the perfect match of results driven candidates, supreme aptitudes and custom-tailored fit with your company culture.

Step 4

Candidates are screened and assessed using our proprietary data and science led assessments, defined for every single position of online selling businesses.

Every candidate we progress will undergo rigorous assessment using our proprietary tests. We have developed these tests over years of experience. These tests are short and sharp – short enough to keep all candidates engaged in the process, and razor sharp to laser on the real results driven A-player for your business.

Step 5

Candidates are interviewed and vetted by one of senior consultants

Candidates that we select after assessment are interviewed by our senior consultant, who are all specialised in online selling. We make sure to test the reliability, the culture fit and of course the aptitudes of each candidate to deliver you the results that you are looking for. 

Step 6

3-4 A-Players get delivered to your calendly for final interview

Every one of them comes with critical reporting on how they scored at every single step of this process. You get to see their performance in the results based test, psychometric and culture fit test. You can rewatch the interview of our senior consultant and read all the notes taken. The only thing for you do is ask yourself – will I get on with this person? Will I have fun working with him or her?

Step 7

Select your A-player and close the deal

We will be there for you at this very last and critical step. We will provide you with our insights, feeling and final recommendation as to who you should hire. Then you will make your decision and we will negotiate with the best applicant and close the deal for you. All is left for you is the onboarding, and even then we can support you with a free custom-made onboarding process. 

Step 8

Exclusive 90 days warranty for all hire

If for any reason your new hire was to leave your company in the first 90 days, we would simply find you another A-player for free. This is us putting our money where our mouth is. Our system works. We know it. 

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