A Remote job allows candidates the comfort of working from home and companies to invest less in human resources management and more in their business.

Proper recruiting strategies and experienced professionals with supervisory experience are the keys to finding talented individuals for remote positions. But it is easier said than done.

And that’s where we come in. Our external recruitment specialists will ensure that you get the best candidates and true professionals in your niche. Whether you’re looking to for an eCommerce recruiter, or to fill a marketing position – we can help.

From creating the recruiting strategies to providing the shortlist of potential candidates, we’ll take care of everything.

So if you can be assured that you have the best recruiter for remote jobs at your disposal (no more searching for a recruiter on LinkedIn). So, let’s take a deeper look at our recruitment process and what you can expect from us!

Our Unique Approach to Hire Candidates for Remote Jobs

While most agencies follow the same cycle of recruiting process, we take a different approach. This allows us to find talented individuals who will be effective, dynamic and dedicated to their position.

The whole recruitment process is divided into seven steps. By going through them in chronological order, we ensure that you get the best remote workers to fill the open positions in your company. Let’s walk you through each of them one by one:

Step – 1: Set Up a Meeting with One of Our Remote Recruiter Specialist

As soon as you click the button to text us, the full cycle recruiting process begins. Your request will be forwarded to one of our consultants, and a meeting date & time will be fixed upon your schedule.

In this meeting, we will go through all the details regarding the position. This includes why you want people to work remotely and what specific skills you want the candidates to have.

We’d also like to know which part of the job will be difficult to fill, and will the remote worker be an integral member of the team or just an additional professional specialist.

Entry and exit interviews, technical exams, budget considerations, and equity compensation for remote workers will also be discussed. In short, this meeting will include every detail regarding the remote position.

We will later have to follow up meetings, but the initial one sets up our remote recruiter and his team to come up with the best strategy to attract talented job seekers effectively.

Step – 2: We Build in-Depth Scientific, Data-Driven & Result Based Job Descriptions with Our Remote Recruiter Jobs Experts

A problem that inexperienced recruiters face is that they create a job alert that doesn’t suit the demands of remote workers perfectly. That’s why open receiving all the information regarding the remote position is to establish a job board with experienced remote recruiters.

Afterward, we do thorough research on the market and gather important data surrounding the niche. We analyze how people working remotely react to the latest job alert, what drives them towards it, what is the best generous base salary option for this position, and more.

This way, we make a rough sketch of what we should put out in the job search platforms that will attract people with talent, focus, and commitment.

We prioritize this process extremely. A thorough document describing what the employers are looking for and what the employees should bring for remote work leads to the best talent acquisition possible.

Because you will get new employees who know exactly what you want and expect from them. This will help your HR team massively because you won’t be getting any half-hearted employees in the company.

Step – 3: Our Team Generates a Massive Job Search Network for Remote Jobs Seekers

Once we have the job proposal or recruitment notice, our marketing team, guided by an experienced remote recruiter, will start to post the hiring notice. They will be for professional positions on job search websites and other relevant platforms.

We will use different forms of digital media to ensure that the news of the open remote work position reaches every corner of the digital world. Once the work is done, it will allow us to get a resume from people all over the globe, and we can proceed to interviews & screening.

Step – 4: Screening Potential Remote Talents from the Gathered Data

When the resume of potential workers starts to roll in, we should proceed to screen them so we can clear out the ones whom we find lacking the quality & skills to live up to your demands.

As remote recruiters, we look for people who have experience in this field working with top companies, along with the skills that will help them to an impact on the company. Results are also a big factor when recruiting someone for a remote job.

The recruiter also checks references and evaluates whether the potential employee can handle clients. Or, whether they have a personality that processes change & is able to support the company in the long run.

Sometimes as remote recruiters, we even put out digital tests which evaluate their skills and personality.

Step – 5: Preparing a Digital Interview Procedure & Questions Related to the Job Field & Team Building

Once we have evaluated the resume and gotten the test results from our sorted list of candidates, we proceed to bring them for digital interview sessions. You can even opt to join these sessions if you want.

Here, we start to evaluate the applicants more thoroughly. Why do they want this job, what is it that they can bring to the table that others can’t? Every aspect of remote work will be discussed with the applicants.

We encourage employers to join this interview, and we also will provide you with all the data after the session is complete. Having the employers during these interviews allow the job contender and the employer to connect directly with each other.

This benefits both parties as you will know who suits your style better and vice versa.

Step – 6: Making a List of the Best Performers

After the interviews are concluded, we gather all the data acquired from the interview and put out a list of the best performers. This makes the hiring process easy because you can easily find the one who performed better and choose to hire.

The list will consist of the benefits and also drawbacks that the applicant has. So, you can be assured that you are getting the right man for the job and not someone who doesn’t support your views and just looking for remote work to earn money.

Passionate talent acquisition is a very big priority for us.

Get the Best Remote Work Recruiter Now!

Recruiting individuals for remote work can be extremely difficult, and if you don’t get the right one, the human resources dept will face a nightmare, and no one benefits from that. That’s why companies turn towards recruiting specialists in this field.

And there aren’t any recruiting services that can offer the quality and success rate we can bring to companies. We are the best recruiter for remote jobs. So, don’t miss out on the benefits, and let us do your recruiting for you. You won’t be disappointed with the results!

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