Understanding that your digital marketing company requires a new marketing team is pretty straightforward. You just need to check the progress and success rates of the business. However, your digital marketing business’ ability to scale will be affected if you hire the wrong job seekers.

So, what does it take to be an ideal recruiter for marketing jobs? You need to be capable of finding the right candidates. After that, you need to search for highly creative persons from the list of quality candidates. Yes, the traditional marketing hiring process will not work!

However, as one of the efficient marketing recruitment and staffing agencies, we can help! Want to know what can we offer as a marketing recruiter? Continue reading to find out!

Our One-of-a-kind Marketing Recruitment Process

Whether you’re looking for a Recruiter recruiting for remote positions or an Ecommerce Recruiter, we can say that our full-time hire process is better than what most of the other marketing staffing agencies are offering. And you will surely be a proud member of our staffing company after you opt for our external recruitment service.

But what makes our recruitment process so unique? Let’s break down the steps to let you know all about it:

Step 1: You Contact and Book a Call with One of Our Specialist

The search for top-marketing talent with specialties starts with you booking a call with us. In this call, you will tell us about all the things that we need to know as recruiters. In other words, you will let us know about the things that you are exactly looking for in your creative talent team. Much easier than finding a recruiter on LinkedIn!

Additionally, we will collect all the other information staffing agencies require to start their search. That includes the objectives of the positions and the KPI that an ideal candidate must meet.

Without having these pieces of info about the positions and your company, we can not look into our existing accounts or search for new ones. So, if you want us to take the role of recruiters for the positions you offer, you need to provide us with all the required information.

Step 2: We Create a Scientific, detailed, and results-based job description

After getting all the info we require for the search for marketing talents, we will create a document. This document will state all of the agreed KPIs and objectives for the positions. And this document is pretty crucial for people looking for jobs. A professional will get to know all about the job from this digital doc.

This digital doc will have such a level of detail because marketers will not get into the hiring process if they do not know the project or position. And this digital doc will eventually allow us, the recruiters, to end up with candidates that have the potential to become industry leaders.

Step 3: We Activate the Massive Network

Our hunt for marketing professionals will not stop until we end up with business professionals that can take your company forward. As recruiters, we will search for a marketer or marketers with a creative mind and supreme aptitudes.

Another key criteria we will search for is candidates that will be a perfect fit for your offices. We will value your company culture and ensure you get the marketing talent your offices require.

Step 4: Candidates Go Through Digital Assessments

We have proprietary tests we built through the things we learned from years of experience. These tests are not something that companies use to fill in positions. Instead, these tests will allow us, the recruiter, to understand all about what the applicants can provide to the companies.

The great thing about these recruitment tests is that they are short and sharp. As they are short, they will keep the creative minds engaged through the process. And the applicants can show off their expertise in sales, client-handling, public relations, and direct marketing skills through the tests.

Eventually, these tests will allow us, the staffing and recruitment agency, to find out creative minds and see the real talent that the applicants have.

Step 5: Interviewing Process

The applicants who will remain after the assessment must undergo an interviewing process. Our senior consultant, who has tons of expertise in hiring marketing talent, will step in. We will look for things that make the creative minds suitable for the companies that we are working with.

We will look for what other staffing offices usually skip in this interview process. That includes the reliability, aptitudes, and culture fit of the applicants. That will eventually lead you to hire world-class marketing people. And as for all of our services, we will push creative minds to the limit in this process.

Step 6: We Select 3-4 Marketing Professionals

The interviewing process will lead us to end up with a shortlist of marketing talents. And just like all of our services, we will provide all of the data we have assessed from these marketing professionals. You will get to see how creative each applicant is and how well they fit in the industry.

Additionally, you will get all the notes that we have taken while interviewing the marketing professionals. This level of transparency in the marketing staffing process will allow you to hire the right people for your company.

Step 7: Select and Hire Your Marketing Professional

This is the last and most crucial step of the marketing staffing process. But do not worry; we will be with you until the very end. So, you can hire the right marketing professional to rock the sales chart with full confidence.

Our Warranty

For all the marketing staffing services, we provide a 90-day warranty. If the marketing professional decides to leave your company after you hire them, we will look for other marketing professionals for you. And the best part is that you will not have to pay a penny to hire the other sales talent!

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