how Ronnie went from a disorganised team to running a military operation

by | Dec 15, 2021

Welcome to the JPNB Podcast, the podcast where we talk about recruiting and managing a team to sell more stuff online.

Ronnie Teja joins me in this episode to talk about how he turns the tide with his team about 2 years ago and went from a disorganised mess to running a military operation.

In this episode you will learn how Ronnie overcame employees sleeping at work, turning up drunk and how this resulted into a catastrophic customer service for the business.

You will learn how and why Ronnie got into this situation and how he managed to make better hire and build a robust system around a strong management team.

Today Ronnie can focus on top level decisions for his business and has enjoyed huge and rapid growth.

He also received a very special present from his team in their last Christmas Party which will no doubt “enlarge” Ronnie’s perspective in life 🙂

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