For a business to thrive, it requires employees who are a good fit for the company’s business model and is passionate about their work.

That’s why multiple companies opt for external recruiters to do the recruiting part for them. But finding the right external recruiting agency to bring in talented individuals isn’t a simple task.

As there are hundreds of recruiting agencies out there (especially if you are trying to look for a recruiter on LikedIn), finding the right hiring manager over other passive candidates is very important. And that’s where we come in.

We can bring the knowledge and years of expertise and follow a scientific & data-driven policy that ensures success, whether you’re searching for an eCommerce recruiter or looking to hire remotely. Allow us to demonstrate.

Our Unique Approach to Hire Candidates as External Recruiters

We focus on bringing in the best candidates to optimize your team and boost the overall workflow so you can please your client base. While other recruiters follow the traditional method of getting resumes and picking the best-looking one, we do things a little bit differently here.

Our recruiting methods for hiring candidates not only depend on their experience but how much they have honed their skills and how they will effectively benefit the team. We’ve recruited for everything from marketing jobs to UX design and everything in between.

To be more clear, let’s walk you through each step that we take as an external recruiter to determine the best recruit for your company:

Step – 1: Getting Connected & Setting Up a Meeting with Our Experienced Internal and External Recruiters

First things first, the employer needs to get in touch with us. We won’t be able to determine what to look for in candidates if we don’t understand the position, the goals, and the customers that depend on the client.

So, the entire process begins as soon as you contact us. After the initial agreement, we hold a meeting where our expert recruiters go through all of the details to generate clear objectives and KPIs.

We require all information regarding the open positions that we will be hiring for. From the details of the organizations, to what you expect from the candidates, and what type of support they should provide, we need to know everything. We will also try to find out what kind of people the company is looking for to help it grow and the preferred salary for the job.

All will be discussed thoroughly in this meeting. We will hold another meeting regarding the hiring project, but the first recruiter meeting is the most important. This is because it sets up the structure and goals that we will follow to find the top talent for your organization.

Step – 2: Creating in-depth Detailed, Data-Driven & Result-Based Job Descriptions to Initiate the External Recruiters’ Work

Now that we have gathered data. It is time for our team to generate a detailed job circular document that will describe all the recruitment details. This includes the position, pay, required skills, firm details, responsibilities, and more.

In short, it will allow a candidate to identify what we are looking for in a short but understandable manner. Due to this thoroughness, only interested and qualified candidates who understand the industry will drop their resumes.

So, there will be no option to find unnecessary documents when you start sorting through the applicants.

Step – 3: Establishing a Massive Network to Find Potential Candidates

You will only start to get job seekers when they actually know about the job. And to do that, you will have created a network from which you can send out the job details.

There are quite a few steps that we take to create this network. The first place to start is on online job search platforms. There are multiple job platforms available on the internet, and we will target the ones that are most active in your area.

If you plan on hiring remote workers, too, then we will go to international web platforms. Otherwise, we will stick to the domestic platforms.

Social media marketing is also part of external recruiters’ work. Building up proper social media awareness regarding your organization will only make a career here more appealing to people who spend most of their time on these platforms.

Step – 4: Screening Potential Applicants & Comparing Their Data with Internal Recruiters’ Notes

An external recruiter and their recruiting processes are completely different cases compared to an internal recruiter. But that being said, the external recruiting process depends quite a lot on the data gathered by an internal recruiter.

Because this allows us to find the individuals who will be successful in the company environment and won’t seek a way out. They will be most likely to focus on dedicating themselves to the betterment of the organization.

We will compare those data with the resume of every potential recruit. This is to find the best candidate who has solid career goals and wants to develop the services of your organization.

A list of potential candidates will be generated from this data analysis, and the external recruiters will proceed to conduct individual interviews with them.

Step – 5: Conducting an Interview With the Best Suited Candidates

When you have a list of names whose resolve and talent match your criteria perfectly. We strongly believe that the firms’ employers and internal recruiters both join the interviews. This will give them an early preview of how any of these candidates will talk, and behave during the job.

The recruitment interview will be divided into a few parts depending on the job description. Common factors that will be discussed will be the contact, how they will be paid, who is responsible for what, social account details, and more.

Psychological questions will also be introduced as we are not looking for someone who has been to multiple jobs and have a lot of experience. No, as a recruiter, we are looking for external talent that will understand the clients, be passionate about the company and their jobs, and have a vision for the future.

Step – 6: Creating a List of the Best Choices

Once we have gone through every candidate, we will cross-analyze the gathered data with the ones they put on their resume. The external recruiter will generate a performance list and mark out the best choices that should be hired for the available positions.

Here the work of the external recruiter ends as we believe that the employers should have the final say regarding who enters their companies and who doesn’t.

The data that our external recruiters will provide will make the decision-making fairly simple. But there have been companies that leave the final say to the external recruiters as well.

Pick the Best External Recruiter for Your Employee Search

There isn’t any company that you can search for that can say we haven’t found the right person for the right job for their organization. We take a scientific, data-driven approach that ensures great success. That’s why we are better than the rest.

So, pick the best external recruiters if you want the best individual talents working for you!

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