Ecommerce recruiter negotiating salary with senior level marketing specialist

The growth of e-commerce is pushing recruitment important senior level marketing roles. Traditional offline marketing industry resource are becoming less relevant for this complex executive searches. To grow your digital market, you need a dedicated eCommerce recruiter, often from a specialised executive recruiting firm. This will enable you to source and hire the best digital marketing expert for any digital marketing specialty.

Setting the recruitment structure is only just the beginning. As an eCommerce and recruiter for marketing jobs, you should also be able to identify people with talent. Hiring the wrong team can take its toll on your business. However, instead of going through all of the hassles, you could leave the hassle up to an external recruiter, like us!

As digital marketing recruiting experts we can bring you the best talent. Let’s see how it works.

Our Unique Process as Executive Recruiters for ECommerce Professionals

As one of the best recruiters, we have employed a highly effective and simple recruiting process. But isn’t that what all the recruiting services claim? Our process to hire eCommerce talent and qualified candidates differs from the others. Let’s walk you through the steps.

Step 1: Book a Call with One of Our Ecommerce recruiters

So first off congrats on finding us! You’re in the right place, and no more looking for a recruiter on LinkedIn. The entire process of searching for the top eCommerce talent starts with us understandiing what you are looking for on a 1:1 phone call with our professional recruitment consultant. In that call, you will offer us information about your company, the job you want to recruit people for, if you’re looking to recruit remotely and all the things you look for in the candidates.

The key to this process is to determine clear objectives and KPIs. This also often clarifies the position you want to hire for. For instance the KPI for a multichannel marketing expert will be very different from an omnichannel marketing talent. Clear KPI enable us to hire for results, in any multichannel marketing field.

This is why the search for eCommerce professionals and the forming of a world-class creative team requires specific information about your business.

Ecommerce recruiter sourcing key talent for multichannel digital marketing role

Step 2: We Create a Detailed and Results-Based Job Definition, specific to every digital marketing specialty

After getting all the info we need as a recruiter for your company, we create a document that fits the role you want to hire. Thanks to our expertise as recruiters, we will create an industry-leading job description document with all the things candidates need to know about. And that is pretty crucial for success in the process.

The creative person going through the document will know everything that they will be responsible for. As a result, only the right eCommerce professionals will apply for the job. This makes the whole digital recruitment procedure efficient and smooth.

Step 3: Our Omnichannel Marketing Recruiters Will launch the hunt

We will continue the hunt to find the A-player team for your digital business until we get a set of highly professional eCommerce and marketing professionals. We will emphasize result-driven and supreme attitudes among all the things we will look at as a recruiter.

In other words, your potential team for your digital eCommerce platform will only have highly professional and capable candidates. We deliver this by activating our network of digital marketing connections and activating online marketing, mobile marketing and direct marketing campaigns.

Step 4: Screening for the right eCommerce Talent

Anyone can say they are a highly successful eCommerce marketing manager or chief digital officer. But are they? Do they have what it takes to take your eCommerce marketing platform forward? Well, these are the things that we will look at in the screening procedure.

We will make each candidate for your eCommerce marketing team go through a set of proprietary tests. And we have developed these digital tests through years of experience. And we tried to maintain simplicity throughout all of the tests.

On that note, these digital tests are highly engaging. And they will all provide us with enough data to find the A-player for your eCommerce marketing business.

Step 5: Interviewing Process with our executive recruiters and specialist ecommerce recruiter

After the digital tests, the selected eCommerce talents will be asked to join an interview. We will rely heavily on digital assessment data to choose each eCommerce marketing talent for an interview. Our senior consultant will take responsibility to work cross-functionally to evaluate all the candidates.

We will only select three to four A-players from the interviews for your dream eCommerce team. Each marketing talent will come with critical reporting on their performance through digital tests and interviews. You will also be capable of seeing the data from the digital tests and all the notes our consultant took.

From there, you will need to ask yourself a couple of questions. You will need to consider whether you want to make partnerships with the person or not. Also, consider if the e-Commerce marketing talent can make your digital business grow or not.

Ecommerce recruiter discussing digital marketing role

Step 6: Selecting Your A-Player senior level ecommerce professionals with your ecommerce recruiter

After putting all of the things into consideration, you just need to select the right eCommerce marketing talent for your digital business. But do not worry; we will also be with you at this last and critical step. We will offer insights and how we feel about each eCommerce marketing professional.

To make things easier, we will negotiate with the best applicant. Again, we will consider everything we learned from our tests and interviews with the eCommerce marketing professionals. After that, all that will be left for you is to carry out the onboarding procedure.

Now, if you still need support onboarding your eCommerce marketing team or person, we are here! We have a free custom-made onboarding procedure that will make the entire thing

Digital marketing recruitment warranty

We offer an exclusive warranty to ensure you have the right chief marketing officer or important senior level marketing roles. This applies to any multichannel marketing organizations. If the person you onboarded decides to leave within the first 90 days, we will find another A-player without any cost. In other words, you can stay totally worry-free with our system.

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