About JPNB Consulting

We have perfected the art of recruiting and managing the best talents for online businesses. Here you will learn: who we help, what we do, our philosophy, story and our team members.

Who we help

We help Ecommerce brands, Amazon sellers and Online Agencies (basically, anyobdy who sells online). We only work with companies with revenues above 7 figures (Online Agencies can be lower due to their high profitability). These businesses have all the raw materials to scale to 8-9 figures but they lack the right people and the right operational systems on how to get there.

What do we do

We help these companies to recruit the best talents the world has to offer right now and create the vision, culture and operational system that world-class businesses have in place. We do this through our two Consulting offers – Recruitment IM-Pact and JPNB Process.

Both offers are done-for-you, meaning our clients don’t lift a finger.

Our Philosophy

JPNB Consulting is built on 3 values: simplicity, objectivity and honesty.

Simplicity means that we always use the most direct, straight line route to deliver results to our clients. We hate clutter, we hate complex. We like things simple and fast.

For instance, creating a library of incredibly detailed SOPs and processes is very complex. It creates clutter, confusion, demotivation. Our clients often use this to manage their business with weak employees.

Instead, recruiting A-player employees is simpler and far more effective.

Objectivity means that we always back what we do with data and analysis. Our recruitment in particular are filled with tests, scorecards and profiling to minimise the error margin. The JPNB Process is also packed with KPI, data and scorecards to track business and people performance in order to empower and facilitate better decisions by our clients.

Honesty means that we always try to do the right thing and we always say the truth, however hard it is for our clients to hear it. We charge honest fees, we work hard for our clients and when we uncover complex issues we make them simple so that our client can make the best decision for their business.

Our Story

Part 1. Develop expertise

JPNB started over 15 years ago when Julien, our founder, got his first job with Eversheds as an Employment lawyer.

Julien moved on to Deloitte, DS Smith and other large corporations where he fast tracked his career and developed his expertise in HR and Management.

Part 2. Meeting Paul

The idea of starting JPNB Consulting emerged in 2018 when Julien met Paul, an Amazon seller in need of HR structure and better hiring.

With the appeal of a remote job and the opportunity to dive into the online selling industry, Julien worked for Paul from 2018 to 2019 as HR Director of Paul’s company, where he applied all the processes and expertise he had developed.

Part 3. JPNB Consulting (part I)

After a year working together, Paul’s company was into a completely different shape – better talents, strong management process and great culture.

Julien left Paul to start JPNB Consulting in January 2020, helping Ecommerce brand owners, Amazon sellers and Online agency owners to recruit top talents and implement strong management processes to create great company culture. 

Part 4. JPNB Consulting (part II)

To this day JPNB Consulting follows the same business model – sign a handful of carefully selected new clients every year, do great work with them and let the referrals do its thing.

If you have not been referred to us then you are unlikely to have heard of us.

We cultivate discretion and humility. We focus on our craft and our expertise in recruiting, operational management and company culture.

We have never sold a single product online and we do not intend to do so.

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